Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary Weekend: Take 2!

We had our 2nd Annual Anniversary weekend up at Grandpa and Grandma's cabin 2 weekends ago. (I'm a little behind) It was so much fun again! We could have used a little better weather- a little less wind, but overall it was a great time!
Playing on Grandpa's pontoon.
Checking something out...

Trying to give Wes 'high-five'.

Playing Polish Horseshoes. I'm pretty good at this game!

Grandpa is reading us stories.

Reading my own story.

Great-Grandma is helping Wes and I throw rocks into the lake. This is what I spent most of my weekend doing.

I spent the other part of my weekend eating freezies.

Grandpa is reading us stories again.
We played another big tournament this weekend. Too bad it was so windy that we had to hide behind the cabins to play, and wear our hoods!

Wes loved driving my little John Deere tractor!

Just relaxin'!

I really do like Wes, even if I don't always act like it!
Hanging out with Grandma and Auntie Kim.

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