Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday, Frosting, & Fishing!

My birthday fell on a Friday this year...and that's a lot of fun!  I wish my birthday would fall on a Friday every year.  Then we could celebrate for the whole weekend again!  The day at work was filled with beautiful flowers:

All kinds of the sweetest little kindergarten students you could ever imagine bringing in all sorts of cute little home-made cards, and treats, and even a coffee mug.  They were as excited about my birthday as I was...What a happy day it is when it's your teacher's birthday:)

And my thoughtful.  We had all sorts of yummy treats in the louge, and all kinds of laughs...they sure made the day fun for me!

When I got home from work I was greeted with birthday hugs and wishes from my own sweet family...and oh, how fun that was!

Chad and I went out for dinner with our good friends:

Remember these guys??- The ones we had entirely too much fun with in Jamaica??  Yeah, we went out and enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner.  I think we were trying to get a meal like we had on didn't work so well, but we still had some nice conversation and company!

The next morning I awoke to this wonderful sight in the kitchen:

 Nothing like frosting a home-made birthday cake in our jammies:)
 And licking all the frosting we could possibly sneak!

 I love it!!!  Absolutely the most perfect birthday cake I could ever ask for.  If that doesn't come from the heart....I don't know what does:)
 And it just wouldn't have been complete without a was so sweet!
And I couldn't stand to tell them that I needed to blow out the candles- they waited forever for this!

And then we carried on with our day...we decided to do a little ice fishing.  Adi went from this:
To this:
All in a matter of an hour.  Her favorite part about ice fishing is playing in the minnow bucket!  She loves to hold the 'baby fishys' and carry them around.  Poor things are at her mercy....but it keeps her entertained for a loooong time!

Oooohhhh, she's a busy one...this little princess:

Their cousins came up to the lake and were fishing right near us, so Eli and Adi both insisted on joining Nathan and Andrew.  I had to sneak over for a couple of pictures:

Thought this was pretty cute:

We worked a little more on some cute Valentine leggings.  Adi has been all about these since I've had them made.  They look so cute on her!

Sunday we went to my Parent's house for a yummy birthday dinner.  We are still a little spoiled like that.  My Mom and Dad invite all of us and our families over for each of our birthdays.  Can't pass up a delicious home-made meal!

Even though it was for my birthday, the kids had all kinds of fun going through their Valentine bags:

And they got to share a few hugs with Baby Alivia:

Eli is the oldest cousin...all 4 years of him, so he thinks he's a pretty big boy when he can carry Alivia around:

And even though I've never been a huge fan of ice fishing, we had soooo much fun out there last weekend, that we took full advantage of a 4 day weekend this weekend, and spent both Saturday AND Sunday on the lake again!  Adi just had to help Rick catch a fish:
She gently just set her freezing-cold, beat-red, digging in the minnow bucket hand on his, and was sure that she was being a big helper:)  Her face???- I have no idea!

And, Yes, they each had to kiss the fishy Good-bye!

Even though it's over a week late- I had to share a quick re-cap of my wonderful birthday weekend so I can remember all the sweet, straight-from-the-heart details!  Thanks to my co-workers and students, friends, my family, and of course Chad, Eli and Adi for making it wonderful!   Another year older and just to figure out how to slow time down a bit before my next one when I hit the big 3-Oh!


Little For A Little While said...

oh my gosh, I can't believe your kids kissed the fish! Actually, I can, But you couldn't pay me enough to do that! And I see so much of you in these pics of Adi...such cute kids you and Chad make ;)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

the kissing fish pic takes the cake! although your birthday cake looks really good!!! glad you had an enjoyable celebration.

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