Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calm and Quiet has finally set in...

It was one of those weeks that couldn't end soon enough.  One that felt like it went on forever.  Thankfully, it's over, and we are all starting to feel much better. 
I had to leave early from work on Tuesday to pick the kids up.  Eli wasn't feeling well at all.  He did nothing all morning but lay on the couch at daycare, dozing on and off.  I picked them up right after lunch to take him home to rest.  The only place I want to be when I'm feeling that way is my own bed....I'm sure he felt the same way.  Poor little guy.  I stopped to pick up ingredients to make him some chicken noodle soup, and some 7-up on the way.  I made the mistake of giving him the 7-up on the way home....and that turned out to be a disaster.  His tummy didn't like it, and it ended up all over the back seat, and the back of the seat in front of him- (and you know how those seats also have pockets on the back- yep- in there too).  Hmmmm, I wasn't feeling the best myself, and Adi had just fallen asleep. 

Got home, stripped him down in the garage- straight into the tub. 
Woke her up- and put her back down.   
Out of the tub- into jammies and bed for him. 

Now I had to take care the vehicle...and it's fairly new, so I wanted to try and get it all.  It wasn't easy, and it wasn't fun....and then I got sick!

Made a quick batch of soup, and to bed I went for the night....Is is Friday yet?!?!?

Eliott's week continued on with him not really shaking whatever he had going on, so Daddy finally took him in yesterday afternoon- Strep.  Ughhh- Poor little guy!!  He's on meds, and on the mend!  By last night after a nice afternoon nap, he was good to go.  Ate a huge dinner, played a little wii, watched a movie, and slept like a rock all night.

It's so nice to see him feeling better, and flashing his cute little smile again:)  He's ice fishing with Daddy right now...the fresh air will be good for him.  I'm sure he'll come home with all kinds of 'fish stories'.  He's pretty good at those already.  He was asking last night when we can go back to the cabin, and do some 'REAL' fishing.  "Real fishing is with water, not ice."  He knows his stuff- or at least thinks he does:)

Beanie started her morning off wearing peanut butter on her jammies, and reading stories to Bubbie's monkey.  This is after she sat the monkey on the toilet, because he had to go potty.  This little girl has an imagination like no other.  She loves life, and is forever singing songs, and talking to her babies and animals.  She is a purple butterfly one minute, a baby cheetah the next, and insists that she has pink eyes.  I'm amazed with how girly she is.  I am quite certain we have never fostered that in her, but this girl knows what she likes and it's all the girly stuff.  Some days she insists her name is Cinderella, and will correct you every time you get that wrong.  She loves to dress up in the Little Mermaid dress and crown that Auntie Lori gave her for Christmas, and is digging in my make-up any spare moment she can.  I always remember hearing that boys were more rough, wild, and rowdy than girls...not the case in this house.  In fact- it's the complete opposite!!!  He's our calm, compliant, rule-follower- her on the other hand?- Not so much!  I sure do love the spunk and energy that comes out of her...and I love that big brother can throw his head back and laugh at her as much as we do.  He's a great big brother, and I think will have his hands full keeping her in line:)

Grandma-Great told her the other day that she has big, black eyes.  She got a little grumpy with her and told her they are little and pink!  She doesn't like to be called a big girl- she's Little!

After Daddy and Brother left Mommy and Adi got out the crafts.  We were ready to have some fun of our own.  All these projects have been piling up for a while, and with our week of sickness- I've been getting impatient to get crafting.  She was such a great helper, and kept me very entertained.  She sat and sang her ECFE welcome song to me over and over while we made hair clips:)

She dumped, and sorted, and counted, and dropped these pieces over and over again.....Then moved on her puppy she named Spot, he was hungry, and wanted a stroller ride.

I made this sign for the house a while back.  It's been hanging on the wall in a random place, because I didn't know where I really wanted it.  I needed to darken the words on it, and was debating if I wanted to add a little sparkle to the corners.  I finally pulled it off the wall today, traced over the words, added some glitter, and found it a new and better place to hang. 

 I put it in the entry-way right above the door going down-stairs.  It's the first thing we will see when we walk in the house, and I love it!

We have a bunch of these all made up and ready for Adi to hand out as Valentine's to all of her friends.  She is so proud of them, and was telling me exactly who to give each one to.

Nap time has set in at our house, and I so love the quiet it brings!  As soon as I close this computer I'm going to dig in to this-

Right after I finish the dishes and laundry:)


Little For A Little While said...

Whatchya makin girlie? We've been doing similar crafts lately! Valentine hair clips and lots of sewing :) Love that sign for your house. You and I should start up shop. We're pretty talented ya know ;)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

gasp! gorgeous fabrics, clips, and the canvas? i love! beautiful idea! so sorry to hear you had a nasty bug at your house. glad things are on the mend.

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