Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day of Love

We have been doing lots of little projects that spell 'Love' in our house lately.  That is- in the small windows of time we have actually had to squeeze projects in...2 late conference nights last week for Mommy, and another coming up tomorrow.  We will be happy when that is over and we are back into a routine!  Grandma is lucky though- she gets to take Adi to her Valentine party at school tomorrow night since I won't be home and Daddy will be at wrestling with Eli. 

I have her Valentines all set out by the door, and her little holiday outfit all ready to go!
She is very excited...and they have both helped to get some of the goodies ready:

First up we made a huge mess with our hands and worked hard to get our Valentines ready to send out in the mail to friends.  They are always excited about a messy painting project, and this one was all of that!

There they are-   There is something so special about little handprints...I Love them! 
We taped them together with a ribbon and put a little note on the back:
I'm mailing you a hug
'Cuz you mean so much to me!
(One of those fun little Pinterest ideas!)
We've been having lots of fun with the cute little Valentine leg warmers I've been making for Adi, also!  I seriously can't believe how easy they are, and how cute they turn out!!  Another one of those Pinterest ideas, also my sweet friend Amy has made a few, and I was encouraged when she said how easy they were!  I will be making many, many more of these!

We have also been working on getting the kids' Valentines made.  We are doing the cute little heart-shaped crayons along with the fun little hair clips we worked on, and Eli picked out a little treat today for his friends.  The kids had a lot of fun helping with these...I don't even know how many batches we made- we should just get another baking mold!  I found this great idea here.

We are finally feeling ready for our Valentine celebrations, and are looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day at home with a tradition we've been doing for a few years now.  We are putting little reminders around our house of the special day, and have focused on our love for one another.  We spent a lot of time together this weekend, and kind of celebrated the entire weekend for Mommy's birthday!...More on that soon.
Happy Valentine's Day!  Celebrate with those you love.

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carissa at lowercase letters said...

yep, your destined for your valentine's day today to be a good one. those heart crayons do me in. so cute. and the legwarmers, too!

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