Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Photo Dump...

Sorry friends- I'd like to say that things aren't so crazy in our house, and have slowed into more of a routine, but that's not the case.  Hence the week of no posts, and another photo dump of our past week.  We no more than unpacked all of our luggage, and turned around and packed us up again for the kids to spend a night with my sister, and for us to spend the night with our good friend who celebrated her 40th birthday!  Her husband is a wonderful man....he planned out some celebration!  Happy Birthday, Julie- we had so much fun with you!!!!

And now... onto some silly kids-
I don't really know how to explain this one- she loves black olives, and often requests them for a snack.  I probably should have told her not to play with her food instead of taking a picture...but seriously....how could I resist!?
 Adi has been playing with her dolls a lot lately.  She is the Mommy and is often going shopping.  (wonder where she gets that from?!)  Only, her purse is usually empty....We brought her back the cutest little baby from Jamaica, and it has been her new favorite.
 There is no explanation for many of the things she does.....She is always dressing herself, and loves to put on hats.
 The kids had a "Pillow Pet Party" at daycare last week.  I asked Gabrielle to take some pictures of the fun for me.  The kids were so excited!
 This is Adi and her friend, Kira.  They play together, and get into stuff together- A LOT!!!!  They are about the same age, and kind of have the same attitude....they are entertaining!!!
 No "Pillow Pet Party" is complete without candles and cupcakes!!
 Daddy took the kids out to play after work one day last week, and tried to get a snowman made before the sun went down.  Can you see it on the ground between them?!
 Friday nights are our cozy, cuddle up in the basement, watch movies, and eat popcorn nights.  We did just that.  She had some 'work' to do though, before she could watch the movie.
 Must have been a funny movie they were watching....I'm going to guess Cars 2.  That's what they always choose!
 Saturday before we headed out for our fun night we took the kids sledding for a bit.


That's a quick re-cap of our week.  I hope to get some of the cute crafts I've been working on up here soon....We'll see what time allows for! 
Have a wonderful week!


moren blog said...

cute pictures:) There is something about the last picture of Adi that reminds me of Owen. Have a great week:) Maggie

carissa at lowercase letters said...

what cute snow pictures. and olives? how can you say no?!!! it's worth it for the cuteness value. oh my word... why couldn't i be the creator of pillow pets? ; )

Little For A Little While said...

Aww, Friday nights, we do the same! You are such a good mama. I want to see you SOON!

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