Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo Dump...

Life is slowly getting back in order around here.  We came home with an extreme case of jet-lag, and 3 suitcases filled with dirty laundry.  Thank goodness for my wonderful mother for sending the kids home with every single article washed, other than the jammies they were in....That helped BIG time!!!

Daddy had Friday off, and Mommy worked.  We spent Saturday cleaning, and organizing, and washing, and scrubbing, and making pizza!  Then our friends came over so we could all relive our Dunn's River Falls excursion, and we laughed about all the memories we made!  It was great!  After church on Sunday Daddy and Eli went fishing, and Mommy and Adi hung at home.  We cuddled together and napped, and enjoyed one another.  This week it's back to work, back to routine, and back to normal. 

Some of our lives the past few days.  Just a little bit of randomness..

This little girl needs to lose the nuk- or 3!!  Any pointers on how to get these away?  She's completely potty-trained (other than bed, but has been waking dry), but still has a bottle (gasp), and nuk!  We know, call us bad parents, this is just a hurdle we haven't crossed yet!

These 2 were riding their horse named 'Bullseye', and shooting 'naughty Grovers' the other day.  They have been spending some time going on ghost hunts lately, also.  Not sure where this all started from, but it's kind of entertaining listening to their imaginations run wild!

This little guy has been going to wrestling practice lately!  He thinks after only 1 practice, that he should just be able to wrestle in matches.  He doesn't think he needs to practice anymore....Daddy thinks otherwise.  Daddy has been enjoying this time with him in the wrestling room.  Bringing him back to his own high school years:)

The new singlets were waaaay to big on him, so they had to pull out the old vintage red ones!!!  Tiny little guy with Big hair!

These 2 were getting impatient for Mommy and Daddy to finish up and join them for a game before bed.  They jumped in the laundry basket to kill time, and decided to drive themselves to Candy Land.  Perfect place for these little sugar nuts to go!!

We were in the mood for home-made pizzas the other night, and this is no easy feat in our house.  We put lots into those things, and wanted to keep the kids busy while we worked.  We pulled out the flour, and they went to work.  They were entertained for almost an hour- Perfect!

Trying to snack on a little!

We couldn't decide which kind to make, so we went with 3.  Bacon cheeseburger, Buffalo/chicken/spinach, and Chicken/bacon/ranch/spinach.  DELISH!!!!  And the best part is- we have lots of left-overs in the fridge!

 And Mommy and Daddy are still dreaming....We loved it- Absolutely loved every little thing about our vacation.  We want to go back....Like Right NOW!!!!  Next year- we must do it again:)


Little For A Little While said...

aww girlie, missing you right now! Wish I could see you more than once a year!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

lol - your little girl and her nuk(S). so cute. it was easy to get rid of it with our son... with our girl, it's going to be hard. i feel ya. girls come with so much drama. at least they're entirely adorable!

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