Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jamaica...Here We Come!

I was beginning to wonder what we were thinking going on vacation this soon after the holidays?!  I had been going through the "holiday let-down, my house is feeling crowded, we ran all through Christmas break, awwwww!!!" mode for a good week.  And vacation was quickly approaching.  Thank goodness for wonderful hubby who stuck by my side all day on Sunday...we are now feeling ready!

We returned from church, and proceeded to take down and pack away every piece of Christmas decor in the house.  This was followed by folding, washing, putting away, more folding, and more putting away of 8+ loads of laundry.  Then it was FINALLY time to pull out the luggage!

Of course we had little ones crawling all around, and over, and IN the luggage....but we managed!

I wonder if they would notice a little person packed inside this suitcase? :)
We literally spent the entire afternoon/evening packing.  It's not just the 2 of us anymore to pack up....It's a lot of work to pack up 2 little ones for a week, also!  Clothes, shoes, winter boots, snowpants, coats, mittens, hats, books, games, toys, dolls, the list goes on and on!

But FINALLY- We are ready, we have been waiting for this for a long time.  This trip has been much anticipated, and man, it's going to be a blast!!!  We are going with some great friends.  Great friends that are getting married in September!  Great friends that asked both of us to stand up in their wedding!  Great friends who have also asked both of our littles to stand up in their wedding! (how fun is that going to be!?!?)  We love these 2, and you know what....I'm excited to spend some quality, adult time with them.  They are wonderful, they are awesome....and we hang out a lot.  But, they love our kids so much that most of the time we hang out it's us 4 and them.  This is fun, and this is great, and we sure do enjoy having friends to hang out with that love hanging out with our kids too- especially since they do not have any of their own yet- but we are ready for this time with them!  We are ready to sit back, and relax, and chat, and laugh, and dine, and enjoy each other....

But- We sure are going to miss these 2...
They played with Adi's dolly toys forever while we packed.  It was cute, my friends, so cute!

He had to check if froggy had a 'febur'-(fever).

And then had to use the booger-sucker on froggy.  After a little medicine, froggy was feeling much better!

And Beanie- well, she's Ms. Organized, and did a great job of packing her suitcase for Papa and Grandma's house.  Everything she needs is in here....That's what she says:)

It's going to be hard for this Mommy and Daddy to walk away from Grandpa and Grandma's house and leave them behind for a few days.   But- we know they will be loved, we know they will be well taken care of , and oh my- Are these 2 excited to go to Papa Neal's, or what?!?!  They have been asking for a week now hoping today is the day!!!!  They are going to have fun, and I'm sure they will stay so busy that they may not even notice we are gone.

But, when we return....oh, those hugs are going to feel good!

Enjoy your week, friends....Pretty sure we will!  :)

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carissa at lowercase letters said...

not jealous at all. ;) have a wonderful, lovely, relaxing time!!!

Little For A Little While said...

Have a blast, you so deserve it! Cant wait to see all your gorgeous pics!

Michele said...

Have a great time! The suitcase pic made me smile :)

angie said...

oh man, sounds like you FOUR are all enjoying a slice of heaven. i hope you have a blast, and look forward to those homecoming hugs for you.:)

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