Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not a lot- It's all on my mind!

I don't have a lot to blog about.  Everything is on my mind right now.  Do you ever have a day, or a week, where you have so many thoughts, ideas, and to-do's that you can't even keep your thoughts straight?  And you can't even turn your ideas off to fall asleep?  That's where I'm at now.  Maybe getting some of it in print will ease my mind.

I looked through iphoto, and came across a handful of sweet sandbox/swingset/sunset photos.  I grabbed a bunch, and I realize they have nothing to do with my words, but they are fun to look at, anyways!

Our summer calendar is filling up.  Graduations, End-of-the-year Teacher gathering, Grad parties, Wedding shower, Wedding....  I've got to get my calendar organized for the summer!

For the wedding we are all in I need to find  size 11 black cowboy boots for Eli, and off-white lace shoes for Adi in a size 6 or 7.   Any help or suggestions are much appreciated:)

 Our Spring Dinner through out Lake Association is this weekend.  I'm in charge of buying the prizes.  $500 worth!

Eliott will start pre-school this fall.  I need to get him registered!

 Our class field trip is Thursday.  26 Kindergarteners are going to the zoo!

It's time again for a family picture.  Now that the grass is green, and we are seeing some consistent sunshine.  But, oh, to organize our wardrobes again!

Because of Eli starting pre-school in the fall I need to pull my kids from their current daycare, and put them in a daycare in town so he can be bussed.  I had a really hard time pulling them from the one, but was very happy, and confident, and excited about my new daycare.  Until I received a phone call last night that it may not work out because of numbers.  Not sure where to go on this one?!

Eliott will start t-ball this summer.  I need to get him registered!

Does anyone else ever have moments like these?  Too much to think about?  Too much going  on?  It seems to happen all at once?  Please tell me I'm not alone!


Little for a Little While said...

Um,this is like my everyday life! So many things to process at once! You are a rock star and I know you will get it all sorted out! Our city wide garage sales are this weekend, I will look for those shoes for the kids for you! Maybe try looking on ebay too? And did we ever nail down a cabin weekend? I want to make sure you get us on your schedule cuz I miss you a whole bunch!

moren blog said...

Mitchell has a pair of size 1 black cowboy boots. They run pretty narrow so they might work if you are in a pinch. Maggie

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

since becoming a mom i feel like this every day! especially lately - life has been flying by the past month or so! it's crazy & i just want to soak it all in!

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