Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We love to be at the cabin.  We love the fun and activities, and we love our cabin friends that we spend time with.  We look forward to Friday all week long.  In fact, Eli was already asking on Sunday on our way home from the cabin when it would be Friday again.  We count down all week: and they know the routine.  Friday they spend the morning with Auntie, Daddy gets off of work early and picks them up, and they head straight to the cabin.  Mommy has to finish her work day, and joins them as soon as she can.  (This won't last long, though, there's something like 17 days of school left- but who's counting?!)  Then the routine will change a bit, but until then we will pack our weeks full with unpacking, and re-packing, and do as much cleaning up and laundry as we can in-between!

This past weekend was definitely packed full:
The kids spent MUCH of their time on the dock fishing.

Daddy was out there to help when he could, but Eli is old enough now that he can bait his hook and take off his fish all on his own.  He didn't always need Daddy right there, but was sure to let us know when he had a bite!

The sunny that Adi caught was "this big"!

We always know where the kids are.  Shelbie doesn't wander too far from there, and acts like it's her job to watch after them!

I love that my little princess loves the color pink, and also, loves worms!

And loves, loves to play on the 'blue swing rope'!

We took the pontoon out for a chilly little cruise on Saturday, and the kids were very excited about waving to a loon that was nearby.

We saw so many loons on our lake this past weekend.  We are excited about watching them all summer.  There is something so peaceful about watching them float about.

We had a little Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday, complete with a coconut!

Dan the neighbor was probably exhausted after all this excitement on his dock!

What a good sport he was to help them all out, and put up with all the flying rods and hooks!

Notice how Adi has not left the minnow bucket in all of these pictures?!  Minnows will keep her busy for hours!

They boys' big catch!  One of them, anyways!  They were catching fish like crazy on Saturday, and were sure to run and show us each one!

Adi has a new little friend just down the road.  Her and Delila spend lots of time together, and look forward to playing with one another the minute they wake up in the morning!

He's ready the minute he wakes up to get back on the dock.  No time to get dressed.  The life jacket goes right over the jammies, he grabs his fishing pole, and off he goes.

I don't quite have the push down like Daddy does.  Something about what I do just isn't quite what she wants.  I think she needs it higher than I can push.  After all, the girl has no fear!

The weatherman were a little off with their forecast on Sunday, and we were able to squeeze in a couple of quick boat rides before the rain really started!

This was my first time in the fishing boat since we bought it last fall.  We are loving the little, old, vintage thing!

Eli and I were having fun playing in the mirror!
"Look at me!- I'm Spider-girl!"

Eli was so happy to drive the boat.


They are always running around with smiles at the cabin!

We had to drive over to my parent's cabin to help with their pontoon lift.  We decided it would be much more fun to put up the canopy on the boat and take that, rather than the car!

We made it there and back- Nice and dry!

We are looking forward to another weekend packed full with fun and friends.   
 Hoping for some beautiful weather, and at least a few fish for Fishing Opener!


Little for a Little While said...

Adi's hair is so cute pulled back like that! Can Eli bait my pole for me this summer, and take off any fish I catch? I'm still to squeamish to do it!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

how fun! love your little gal in her galoshes. sage does that too!

Genn said...

Hi Jill!
How fun, looks like such a fun time!

Love your daughter's shorts and rainboots look. :) Too cute!

Danielle said...

So fun!! Looks like the perfect trip. Love it!

Jamie said...

I love her little boots. Looks like a perfect day!

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