Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little birthday fun, and then some...

Wow- 3 posts in a week?!?!  I'm doing well!!!  Actually, I'm just trying to get myself caught up!  Is it too late to post Halloween pictures?  I hope not- those are coming soon yet, also!  Here's a run-down of most of our month.

October was kind of busy.  It started out with Adi's 3rd birthday.  Hard to believe this little princess is 3 already!!!  We celebrated the big party with her brother over Labor Day weekend, so we kept things pretty low-key for her actual birthday.  My Mom's is only 3 days before hers, so we invited my family over for dinner to celebrate for both of them.

Adi got a little chest of dress-up clothes, and it was a huge hit!

Even little Alivia got in on the action:)

I am loving these big, beautiful clip-on earrings!!!  Kinda makes me want to get her ears pierced.  Someone told me I need to wait until she's 5 though, because that's when ears stop growing and the holes will be lined up?  Anyone know any more about that?

Auntie Lori brought over some cupcakes:

The boys were just itching to get in on the action:

I love how these 2 have started to play so nicely together.  She is able to get him to dress up in her princess clothes, and he turns around and gets her in a Spiderman costume.  They love to play puppies, and attach leashes to each other's clothes, and they love to have wrestling matches on our bed.  Oh, we have the quarrels, and tears here and there, but for the most part, they like to be together!

Not even sure why we thought we needed another batch of cupcakes around here!

He is such a big helper:

And, of course- they need to sneak as much of the batter as they can before I make them stop:

And, the more frosting- the better!

The funny thing is- she will only lick the frosting off the top, and the rest will go in the  garbage anyways!  Needless to say, the tub of frosting didn't last long in our house.  It found the garbage real quick:-)

On Adi's actual birthday night we had a special little dinner for her.  She got to choose the menu- Mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, and frozen corn!  And, we celebrated with another cupcake!

We couldn't leave Eli out, so they both got to blow out candles.

We also spent a couple of quiet days at home when Mommy had MEA break.  It was wonderful to be at home and get caught up on some things that needed doing around here.

We packed lots of fun into each of those days.  Adi spent most of her time at the table painting every pumpkin she could find around here.

Right now I have 10 of them lined up and decorating my hutch!

They painted one for each of their friends.  But, I accidently (on purpose) forgot to bring them down when we met everyone at the pumpkin patch- You're welcome:-)

No- they are actually pretty cute, especially after we glued the eyes onto them!

We got out all kinds of games on that damp, chilly day.  One of our favorites is Whack-A-Mole.  Just like we are at the arcade!  He's getting harder to beat at this game, I need more practice:-)

And, when we are home all day like that, it's the perfect set-up for a big delicious dinner for Daddy filled with comfort foods:  Chicken, Au Gratin potatoes, and squash.  These 2 were loving it!

And, we capped the day off with some warm hot cocoa complete with chocolate mint marshmallows!

These are the kinds of cozy, fall days that I love at home.  I enjoy when we have no where to go, and nothing on the agenda.  Looking forward to many more of these kinds of days and weekends!


Anonymous said...


Was searching for a GF's blog and came across your interesting one. Started reading and came across your post asking whether to wait about having your 3 yr old dd's ears pierced so they are even. The biggest reason they are uneven is when they are done simultaneously and either the child moves or squirms at the last second. Doing them one at a time makes sure they are centered properly.

If you're thinking about it, then your mommy intuition is telling now is better. Promise she'd look cute with little earrings in her upcoming holiday pics and so would her little sister. I did our girls at this age following some suggestions from our ped who encouraged me to do it when mommy could care for them.

Drop me an e-mail if you'd like them. They include some OTC med's to minimize any discomfort.


Jamie said...

The party looked fun! We're not piercing ears until elementary school but to each their own!

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