Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn Beauty

Our summertime home is closed up for the winter.  Just like every year in the past, we end the year with mixed emotions.  Mostly sadness for closing up that door and walking away again for a few months.  We will miss our cabin family and all the fun we have with them.  We miss the kids having all kinds of freedom to run, play, and explore.  We miss the late night campfires complete with jokes and laughs, and we will miss all of the fun and beauty the lake brings.
It's also that time of year where we are looking forward to life moving at a little slower pace.  Once the school year begins life tends to get a little hectic around here.  We still see our cabin family, it's just fewer and farther between each visit.  Thank goodness for technology, we all still stay in touch.

We drank up every last ounce of beauty we could that last weekend we were there together.  We planned out our annual island exploration.  We packed up coolers, snacks, cameras, and toys, and planned to spend most of the day on the lake.  We loaded up the pontoon and another boat and headed out.  The day was wonderful.  The kids had lots of fun, and we enjoyed one last weekend together with friends.

It's easy to miss waking up to this beautiful sight in the morning:

And seeing this little fisherman wake up in the morning, and get himself all ready to hit the dock:

We were heading out for some island fun:

When Adi's legs would get a little tired from walking we would take turns passing her from one to the next:

So cute- I love that they are holding hands:

Me and my happy little guy:

I think she lucked out on this deal:

Happy little girls:

We left the island and did a little fishing.  The weather was beautiful, and we packed enough snacks, so there was no reason to hurry on back.

They found the little teepee again, just like last year.

No shortage of food or fun when this crew gets together.  We will make sure to have plenty of visits with them all this winter, and take in some of the beauty that the winters at the lake bring as well.

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