Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Summer Has Begun.

We jumped right into summer vacation with 2 feet.  We are keeping things calm and quiet- as much as we can!  The kids sleep in each morning, I enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before they wake, and for the most part we have just played out our days with whatever we want.
We've been filling our vases with fresh cut flowers.  Eli acts like it's his job to keep the flowers fresh in the house.

We've been squeezing in lots of bike rides and walks. 

We planted flowers in our window boxes and pots.

This is Eli's window box on his toy shed.  He picks out the flowers and takes care of them and waters them.

And we have spent lots of time on the slip-n-slides!

The kids love eating fresh watermelon!

And Mama has spent lots of time keeping this house cleaned and organized, putting my feet up, and enjoying some good books while we patiently (or not so patiently.....) wait for this baby to arrive!

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