Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Bump #3- 34 week update

We Made It!!!!!  And are breathing sighs of relief!!!  We hit our goal, and are beyond at this point.  I have another appointment on Wednesday with my Dr.  He is going to check me then to see if anything is happening.  With all of the contractions that I have been having, especially the past couple of days, I'm sure there is something going on.

Today is the last student day.  Our kids leave at 12:00 for the year.  I struggled through the last few days a bit, and am looking forward to a quiet afternoon in my classroom to get some busy work wrapped up for the year.  I'm honestly not sure that I will make it back in next week for the last workshop days.  I've been feeling pretty rough.  My body likes to grow big babies, and grow them fast.  I guess I can't complain!!

We are thisclose to being ready at home.  Only a few more little things that I'd like to get together.  The kids' gifts from Baby are here and ready, they just need to be put together.  My bag is started, but I need to finish packing it.  Baby's new carseat/stroller came (love it!!!!), but we need to get the bases strapped into the vehicles.  Baby clothes have been washed up and put away, Baby's blanket is SOOO close to being finished, Baby's bag is packed and ready, big brother and big sister are packed and ready.  Just a waiting game at this point, with a wonderful surprise ending!!!!!  We can't wait!  Names are narrowed down- one boy, and one girl.  It's a daily conversation in our home about what we will bring home.  The kids are always changing their minds on what they think it is, "but we will love it no matter what it is" is recited quite often!  I love that we had the patience to wait it out again to find out the gender.....I am eagerly anticipating that moment when I give the last push, and literally almost jump off the table and ask, "WHAT IS IT?!?"  I don't believe God grants us any greater surprise in life!

I was starting to get a little nervous with our busy schedule, and my sis-in-law's busy schedule, and the rainy weather, and the baby wanting to come so soon that we would miss out on baby belly pictures.  We got them done last night!!!!  I'm so happy it worked out before Baby made his/her appearance!  We even took some with the name spelled across my belly.  Of course, we had to do 2, which one will we be sharing?!?

Thanks again for all of the kind thoughts, words, and prayers.  They helped us through the scary few weeks we were caught up in.  Every day from here one out is an added bonus to Baby growing and getting healthier! 


Deidre said...

Wow how exciting! Can't believe you're still in the classroom! Glad that the baby is waited just a little bit longer!

Susannah said...

I'm so glad things are going smoothly now. I can't wait to "meet" your little one. :-)

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