Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Bump #3- 31 week update

I'm late again...sorry.  That's life for me right now.  Lots going on at this busy time of year.

I'm actually over 32 weeks right now!!!!  We are getting so close!  Dr. Holmes wants me to make it at least another week and a half.  I'm counting down the days.  Not that baby will arrive in a week and a half, but I can't wait to have the relief that all will be well if we can just make it that far!

I went in last Tuesday for my 31 week appt.  My Dr. was very happy and confident with how things are looking.  He said that since the contractions haven't gotten worse throughout the 3 weeks, that whatever I'm doing must be working.  He again told me to continue on as I am.  I again measured bigger than where I am.  Measuring 33 at 31 weeks.  We like to see this.  My babies have all been big and early like that, so especially with our situation, he said that is a good thing.  He again did the fetal fibronectin test for me.  He called me the next day and said the results were negative!!!!  That was great news!  He said there was obviously a reason the previous test came back positive, though, so we need to continue to monitor, and I need to continue to take it easy.  Since the results came back negative I won't go back now until next Wednesday.  He said after that it doesn't really matter, because he is ok with the baby coming at any time then!

I am happy, relieved, and resting!!!  I am starting to swell a bit, and I can feel that the end is getting near.  Yesterday with the 90+ heat we had was pretty rough on me.  Hoping this baby makes a healthy appearance before the real heat of the summer kicks in!  I've been spending my time making some decorations for the room, and sitting with my feet up putting together the cutest little baby blanket.  I can't wait to wrap him/her up in it!

We are thankful to more of my sweet cousins who went out of their way to prepare some meals for our freezer!  We couldn't be more grateful to the kindness of friends and family while we go through this.  You are amazing, and we are so thankful to you!


angie said...

oh, this is SUCH good news! I've been wondering about you. keep up the good work, mama! it's working!

Danielle said...

SO glad to hear things are looking good!!

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