Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Year Of Laughter A Year Of Fun....Our Little Sparkler Is Turning 1!

We celebrated Ruby's 1st birthday the Saturday of July 4th weekend.  Many of our party guests are friends from our cabin, so it just seemed fitting to have the party when they all would be up anyways. It was a crazy, hectic weekend, and I was a little relieved when the party was over....It was a huge success, there was enough food for the crowd, and Ruby loved all of the attention that was coming her way!

We went with a July 4th theme which was tons of fun to decorate around and was fitting for the timing of the party....It will be tempting to do this same theme each year! :)   We ordered the book "Sweet Land of Liberty" and had all of the party guests sign the inside covers.  I love this tradition that I started for Eliott's 1st birthday.  They will each have a nice collection of books with sweet words and messages covering the inside covers to look back through....

The party was at the lake again....It's so much easier having it there when that's where most of the guests are staying, and it's much better than having to get our house and yard ready for it!

And here, I have WAY too many pictures from the fun celebration!-

One of my best Pinterest ideas yet....Strawberry shortcake that looked like a flag.  It was a hit served with a can of Redi-Whip!

Adi and cousin, Ally, were great helpers while getting things ready.

Lots of ball was being played right outside our door.

I ordered this cute little banner to use for her 1 year pictures, and dressed it up in the colors for the party.

We displayed the coming home from the hospital-week 52.  The party guests loved checking out how Ruby grew!

Daddy painted the lawn with some fun stars...

Sister ready for the party.

Ruby's 1st birthday cake!

Cupcakes for the party guests.  The centers will filled with sprinkles, so they 'exploded' like fireworks when bit into.

Ruby's cake table.

Niece, Alivia, dressed for the occasion.

Sister loved her lunch!

The little guest of honor.

Alivia thought she should help feed Ruby.

The nice part about having the party at the lake, is that there is plenty for the kids to do to stay busy!

Little Harper came to the party dressed so cute!

Party guests filled their plates.

The tables were filled with lots of good company.

The other 2 quickly changed out of their party clothes for swimsuits, so I never did get a family picture.  Oh, well, this is the best we could do!

We sang 'Happy Birthday' and she dug in....

......and hated it!!!!

This wasn't the reaction we were expecting when she was supposed to dig into her cake!

Poor little thing!!!  Didn't want anything to do with it!

We hardly ever see tears from her....

Right into the tubby she went.

She was happy as could be after she was all cleaned up.

Then it was time for presents.

She loved this little personalized cow from Auntie Lori and AJ.

Her new little wheels!!!

Ruby with Auntie Lori.
Happy Birthday party, Little Rue!!  You are a blessing to us all.  We had such a fun, happy day celebrating our fun, happy girl.  We love you to the moon and back, Sweet girl!

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angie said...

oh my goodness, what a fast year! i love all the brilliant decor ideas and treats you served. way to go, mama! and happy birthday, pretty little ruby. :)

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