Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Always A Holiday At Platte Lake- 2014

Well, this 4th of July is in the books.  It went down as another huge success....The 4th is a big celebration at our cabin.  Tons of people, friends, family, and fun!  We also threw in a 1 year old birthday celebration....and then finished the celebration off with a quiet week at the cabin for our little family.

I have to post the entire week and a half in shifts....too much fun for one post.  I'm starting off with the actual 4th, and our float that went into the Hillman parade this year.  We won another 1st place prize with the float, and we were pretty excited about that!

Here's July 4th, 2014 in pictures....

She LOVES to paint nails....she takes her bag of polish and nail dryer with her wherever she goes, and is constantly looking for another lucky candidate to sit patiently while she makes them beautiful!

Lots of swim time went on!

Lovely friends at the cabin- Steph, Michele, myself, Erica, Tammy.

We have a picture of these 4 in this same cage when they were all around a year old.....We convinced them to get back in it so we could snap a picture for old-time sake!

Working hard the night before the 4th to get the float put together.

We put everyone to work....young and old- they all contribute to the fun!

Taking the Gator to the car wash.

The morning of....The kids were having all kinds of fun dressing up like elves and reindeer!

And once we get to parking lot people fly into action to get the finishing touches put together!

Love this man....ugly sweater t-shirt and all:)

Rickster is always in charge of the tunes....this year he played Mele Kalikimaka from Christmas was the perfect song for the warm, July day!

It was so bright, Santa needed to wear shades!

All the hard work comes together.  Once turned out just awesome!

I can't even imagine how many pieces of candy went into each little mouth while they patiently waited!

Ruby was getting tired, and was hot and restless.  She had to spend the parade riding in the air conditioned truck, and waved a cute parade wave to everyone as they drove along!

Trying for a family near tears and one with her tongue hanging out....oh well, it was the best we could do:)

The fun didn't stop there....then it was time for some fun at the cabin.
Cousin Nathan took Adi for a jet-ski ride.

And the adults started up with the yard games.

Adi decided to turn into a puppy and put herself in the cage.

Adi even beat Papa in a game of Polish horseshoes.

And of course, this little guy hit the dock and was all about the fishing.

Daddy relaxing with his tired little babe.
This cage came in so handy.  The kids had fun seeing how many could fit in it at one time!

Steph organized a fun July 4th scavenger hunt for all of the kids.  

They LOVED it!

Jack's team won...Adi's did not, and she was kind of a poor loser about it.  He's such a sweet little guy, though, and was so good about sharing:)

And then gave her a great big hug to make her feel better!  I love the friendships all these little ones are developing....So sweet!

And that was one day of celebration.  It's no wonder the kids slept did we!  We packed our days full of fun.  The next morning we woke up, had our Annual softball tournament in honor of our nephew, Jared Tomala, and then we threw a 1st birthday bash for our 1 year old baby girl!

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