Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ruby at 1 year.

Just so we can remember her at this age as best we can, I compiled a list all about Ruby.  If she could talk, this is what she'd say..... (I think)

*Ruby can pull herself to standing with support, and is slowly starting to drop one hand and just hold on by one.  Walking will be soon!

*Ruby loves to make messes!  Her favorite cupboard is the one full of tupperware!

*Ruby loves to play in the bathroom!  Working on teaching the kids to keep the door closed!

*Ruby's first word was 'Da-Da'.  She also says 'Uh-Nnnnn' (Uh-oh), 'Ma-Ma', 'Nie-Nie' (night-night & blankie), and 'Iiie' (Hi).

*Ruby signals she is hungry by smacking her lips together with an adorable sound, or 'Mmmmmmm'.

*Ruby puts her hand to her ear and says 'Iiie' whenever she hears a phone ring.

*Ruby's favorite thing to play with is anything she's not supposed to have.

*Ruby loves to wear a string of orange Mardi Gras beads.  She grabs it out of the toy basket every morning and gets mad whenever someone tries to take it off!

*Ruby is a friendly little girl.  Although, when she's tired she prefers Mommy or Daddy, when well-rested she is happy to be held and played with by pretty much anyone!

*Ruby loves her pink blankie- (the one she calls her Nie-Nie)

*Ruby's favorite time of day is when Daddy walks through the door.

*Ruby is very good at waving.  She waves hi and bye to everyone.

*Ruby blows kisses.  She puts her fist in her mouth, and gives this 'Muah' sound as she pulls her fist out!

*Ruby loves cheese, mashed potatoes, and yogurt melts.

*Ruby loves to go for bike rides in the Burley.

*Ruby loves to play in the water and splash on the shore at the lake.

*Ruby loves to dance.  Always.  Whenever she hears music or someone sings to her she has this adorable little shimmy where she shakes side-to-side.

*Ruby knows what things are no-no.  Hard to not confuse this with her dance!

*Ruby still loves to nurse from Mommy.  Our goal was a year, and we are still going strong!

*Ruby loves her nuk.  Just when it's time to go to bed, though, so we are happy with that.

*Ruby is an easy one to lay down.  A little nursing, and she lays right down with her blankie.

*Ruby goes to bed at 7 p.m., and usually sleeps until at least 7 a.m.!

*Ruby loves our puppy, Shelbie and our chickens.

*Ruby loves to give hugs....she leans her head in whenever she wants one, and it's pretty much to anyone she sees.

*Ruby loves babies, and ALWAYS greets them with a hug!

*Ruby weighed 21 lbs, 6 oz at her one year appointment.  This put her in the 75%.

*Ruby was 28. 3/4" long at her one year appointment.  This put her in the 50%.

*Ruby does 'So Big' and claps her hands.  When she's really excited and is getting reaction from people she does all of her tricks at once!

*Ruby is our happy, content, sweet little girl...We have truly been blessed with her, and are so glad she is ours!

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