Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eliott- 9 months

We had Eli's 9 month pictures taken last week, and once again, Sue did an awsome job! Here are a few of our favorites!!! p.s. can you tell he loves his blankie?!?


Julie said...

I know I don't have to tell you that you have an absolutely beautiful baby, but these pictures are amazing! What a GREAT photographer! Thank you for sharing. It was good to see you last weekend. The float was awesome. Everyone's hard work and creativity was greatly appreciated. Take care & enjoy your summer.


Angie said...

Once again great pictures...but honestly could there ever be a bad picture of such an adorable little guy? Absolutely not! See you soon!

carol said...

wow jill! i haven't been on the blog in a long time. you've posted so many fun pictures.
i love them all!!! thanks for sharing all your family fun!..and pictures of your adorable little boy!

moren blog said...

This boy is way too cute! We can't wait to see you! Maggie

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