Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fins UP!

We went to the Jimmy Buffet concert in Alpine Valley, WI this weekend. Our friends, Brandon and Steph have gone many times, and talked us into it this year, and we are sure happy they did!!! It was AWSOME!!! Other than the 5 hr. drive....Here we are with our group, Holly, Ali, Brandon, Steph, me, and Chad.

It's 5 O'clock somewhere....

This is what it looks like as far as you can see in all directions from the top of the vehicle! I think there are something like 40,000 people in attendance-probably more for the pre-party. Notice the 'fin' on the top of the SUV...we saw a lot of these..FINS UP!

Here we are hanging out during the pre-concert party!

Here is Steph bouncing on a pogo stick...can you bounce 5 times in a row?!

This was Chad and Brandon on the way home....thank goodness Steph was able to drive, we were all pretty tired!

We had a great time at the concert and hanging out with our friends. I think we will try to do this again next was a blast!!! It was really nice to be back at home and see Eli again, though. It's amazing how much you miss the little guy when you're gone for 2 nights!!! He and Mommy will do lots of bonding this week to make up for it! Thank you to grandma's, grandpa's, and great's for taking such good care of Eli while we were gone... I think he grew while we were away!

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moren blog said...

Great pictures! A mini-vacation sounds so great right. See you soon, Maggie

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