Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's been a while.  Longer since the last post than I would like, but such is life.  We are busy.  We are on the go.  We pack our calendars full.  And we love it.  And we do it because we can.  Our babies are to the age where we can keep a busy schedule.  I had to take a step back the other day and look at them and really study them.  All I could think is -look at how fast they GROW...

And such became this post.  I had last Monday off, and was lucky to be home with my littles with nothing else to do and nowhere to go.  We took full advantage of spring, and did some planting, and decorating, and spring cleaning.

I took a ceramic pot that I already had on hand and spray-painted it a creamy white color.

 I am realizing, though, that it's not just the plants and flowers around our yard that are growing up in the spring sunshine.
I used a black paint pen and wrote 'grow' on it.  The kids planted some oat seeds in it.

Where does the time go with the kids?  It seems not so long ago that we found out we were finally pregnant with Eliott.

I decided it needed a little something, so I added a period.  Perfect!  They sure enjoy cutting the grass's hair!  This is so much fun for them- I did this same thing last year, and remembered how excited he got about it!

We brought him home as nervous first-time parents do, and did everything we knew how to raise him right.

Then Adilyne came along, and we were now blessed with 2 little ones.  Life has been a little crazy.  They are almost exactly 2 years apart, and both Chad and I work full-time.

I found the next idea online.  They kids each planted their own bean seed.  

I have to say, though, being a teacher has been a huge blessing for our family.  The time with them all summer has been nothing but wonderful!  And, I'm happy that they are also getting the exposure and socialization they are getting at daycare while I am at work.

We had to roll up a paper towel and put it into a glass jar.

As much time as we spend with them, and focus on them, it can never be enough.
Then we put some water into the jar.

Our babies are gone, and have grown into independent little kids.

We put a bean seed into each one, making sure it wasn't in the water.

It was as though we blinked our eyes, it really seems to have happened THAT fast.

Each gave their seed a hug, and we set it on the hutch in the sun.

How does this happen, and where does the time go?  Wouldn't it be nice to slow it down and try to relish this time even more than we already do? 

The kids run into the house each night after school, and run out of bed in the morning to see how much their bean has grown!  What a lesson on the parts of a plant!
  I don't think it's possible, so we need to carry on.  We need to love them up and enjoy every moment we can with them.

We also filled our indoor window box with herbs.  We start them inside, then transfer them out when the weather is ready.
It's very cliche, I know that, but I'm sure every  parent agrees.  They grow too fast!

Chad really enjoys gardening, and for the past few years has started his bedding plants from seed.  This year a co-worker gave me some great heirloom veggies that I'm very excited about!  They are shooting up like crazy!

But for right now we are going to enjoy their fun ages.  We are going to soak it up, and run, and play, and laugh.  

One of my favorite plants in my flower bed is the bleeding heart plants my Grandma gave me some years back.  These things are crazy hearty, and come back bigger, stronger, and fuller each year!  I have cut them back, and chopped them down over and over and shared shoots with friends.  They all comment to me on how well their bleeding heart plants are doing!

That's what they do, and we are right  alongside them.

I can't believe that it's hardly April, and Eli has already picked off and delivered the first bloom from this beautiful plant!

I do miss my babies, but these are fun ages!  The things they say, their independence, and the way they take it all in.  I like where we're at.

Babies are a lot of fun.  We'll be there again.  But, for right now we are going to take full advantage of where we are.  We are going to live up our summer not scheduling our adventures around naps, and bottles, and diapers.  They are excited, and so are we!


angie said...

what a GREAT post, jill! i love everything about this, and of course i completely agree about how quickly these little ones grow. as my aunt jackie tells me: at this age, the hours are long, but the years are short. amen to that.

Little for a Little While said...

aww, love this. We are so planting some grass and seeds today. Love you! You are an amazing mom!!!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

you are going to have fun! i must say that your handwriting is superb. "grow" looks amazing. hmm... i wonder if i would have such luck. i love your idea. and thank God for seasons that are easier than others!

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