Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Oh, it was another whirl-wind of a weekend.  We spent it at the lake with friends, and enjoyed every minute of it.  We look forward to cabin-opening from the time that we close the doors in the fall.  It was this past weekend for us...and we are set to go!
I glanced through my pictures, and decided that a smile:) post was due:

ROPE LADDERS make us smile:

DARING LITTLE GIRLS make us smile:

DETERMINATION makes us smile:
SUNGLASSES make us smile:

SUNSHINE makes us smile:

BIG GIRL BEDS make us smile:

4 HOUR CABIN NAPS make us smile:

LANDING THE PONTOON makes us smile:

FRIENDS make us smile:

PONTOON RIDES make us smile:

FISHING WITH FRIENDS makes us smile:

SIBLINGS make us smile:

 AND MORE BOOKS make us smile:
Hoping your week is filled with lots of smiles!


Little for a Little While said...

I love Adi's little cross eyed look of determination, and those adorable ringleted pig tails! Can't believe the cabin is open already for the season...lucky yous! Nick wants to rent one of the little ones sometime, let us know if there's ever an opening, wouldn't that be fun?!

Genn said...

Hi Jill!
THanks for stopping by my blog.
Yours is lovely.
You have a beautiful family.
Great photos!
My parents have a pontoon boat and we all just love going out on it. We are going camping with them (and their boat) for the fourth of july and can't wait.
Nice to meet ya Jill!

Barb said...

Hi there. I just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did. What beautiful pictures you take! And such adorable litte ones.

My husband wants a pontoon boat so badly...and I do too. :)

Have a great Thursday.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

and now i'm smiling! such cuteness.

Jamie said...

Those sunglasses are too cute!

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