Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jamaica 2014 (part 2)

 Monday was our last full day/night in Jamaica.  It was bittersweet.  We could have easily stayed a couple more days, but were also anxious to get home and love up on the kids. 

We spent most of Monday down on the beach.  We pulled a few chairs together, swam in the ocean, went for walks down the beach, and put our red flag in the air. 


Chad and Dana.  One of my very favorite pictures:)
We were excited when this group walked up and played a couple of our requests.  The natives there have so much talent!

After spending some time on the beach we decided to hit the pool and swim-up bar for a bit before getting dressed up and ready for our final night.

Michele and Jerrid

Love these ladies!

And then it was time for our final dinner and date night.  One last delicious meal.  We went up to our rooms to get showered up and ready.  Chad and I soaked up the scenery from our balcony and snapped some pictures before meeting up with our friends.

"Hi Jill and Dana!" :)

Platte Lake friends hanging out in Jamaica.  So fun!

We enjoyed some music from this little group.
Jill 'borrowed' one of their hats so she could dance for us!

Our final night there they were holding a 'Manager's Reception'.  They had all kinds of drinks and snacks set up by the pool along with the band playing.  We actually got to meet the General Manager of the resort, Mr. Wayne Williams.  Chad and Tony struck up a conversation with him- he was a really nice guy!
Chad, Mr. Williams, and Tony

We kind of felt like we had met a celebrity!

We got up the next morning and were pretty slow-moving as we packed up all of our things.  Packing up our luggage to head for home is just not nearly as fun as it is while anticipating the vacation.  We got our things together, left them outside our door to be picked up, grabbed our last delicious breakfast, and said our sad good-byes.

Chad had to take a picture with our favorite worker at the resort- Kiev, the Activities Director.

Funny thing- after we got back home Kiev friend-requested me on Facebook, and just about a month ago- on Instagram.  Funny how we live a world away, but technology can keep us connected!

We stood up in the entrance waiting for our shuttle to bring us to the airport and looked out one last time.  I'm pretty sure I had to wipe away a tear or 2.  We had such an absolutely wonderful time here.  This was the trip of a lifetime to enjoy with my husband.  The best friends we could ask for, many many laughs, and whole pile of great memories. 

The hardest part about leaving was knowing it would be a while before we would get to see our 'Sconny' friends again.  Even though over a year had passed since we had seen them, we picked up right where we had left off.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime friendship, and I am so glad that our paths crossed and brought us together.  We aren't going to let these ones go.....and the countdown is on for our mini vacation with our families this summer.  We cannot wait to be together with them again. 

We love you sweet friends!!!

Jill, Jerome, Tony, Dana, Chad & I, Michele, Jerrid posing for one last picture before saying our 'Good-byes'.

Until next time, Jamaica.......One Love.

Jamaica 2012
Jamaica 2014 (part 1)

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