Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Summer So Far....

Awwwe....These sweet days of summer.  We are living them up and enjoying each and every one of them.  Our school year gets pretty busy and hectic, so I've been loving the laid-back schedule that we are enjoying.  We have the kids involved in a handful of activities...but we try to keep that to a minimum,  if we can.  My favorite days tend to be those that we can just be at home and do whatever we please.

We enjoy having breakfast on the deck, we enjoy playing on the swing set and in the sand box, we enjoy weeding the strawberry patch, we enjoy watering the flowers, we enjoy the slip 'n slide and sprinklers, we enjoy hunting for asparagus, we enjoy checking for new shoots in our vegetable garden, we enjoy hanging laundry on the wash line, we enjoy picking eggs, we enjoy when Daddy walks through the door at 3:45, and we enjoy being together.

They caged the dog and are picking dog ticks off!  In her princess gown, nonetheless!

Owen comes to visit us on Mondays when his Mommy and Daddy are at work.  We love getting these 2 together!

Lots of frog-catching going on!

Owen is just 5 days older than Ruby...His birthday is today!  These 2 are little buddies already!

They are best friends!

Reading stories outside.

Breakfast on the deck!

Playtime on the deck in the morning when the weather cooperates!

Loving up this sweet little dolly.

She's getting so big!

He has been such a great helper with his little sister!

The best little playmates.

They were making a plan for picking flowers across the fence....

Everywhere she goes she leaves a mess behind!!

We love watching the chickens...they are great entertainment!

Our weekends are spent at the cabin....we wouldn't want it any other way.


Having fun with cousin Elizabeth.

Cousin Nathan took Beanie for a jet-ski ride.  The faster, the better for her!

And who knew laundry baskets could be so much fun!?!  They push Rue around the house like a car and she loves it!  Lately the Bigs have been cruising down the stairs in them, though....and that makes me a little nervous!

We are looking forward to many more days like these this summer.   Just getting the van loaded up for another weekend at the cabin.  Forecast is looking wonderful....we are hoping they are right!  Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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Jamie said...

It definitely looks like summer!

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