Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Beautiful Birthday Celebration(s):)

This post is long overdue!  We celebrated the kids' birthdays together again this year on Labor Day weekend.  We try to fit the big celebration in each year before Mommy goes back to work!  I'm happy about that....Don't know that I'd have a whole lot of time to bake, prep, and prepare while being back to school!

The theme for Eli this year was 'bugs'.  He had a very cute caterpillar cake!

Adi's theme this year was 'birds'.  The bugs and birds went well together, and yet they each had their own little piece of the party!
Adi had a cute little birdie sitting in a nest.

The day before the party we had a little fish fry in the shed at the cabin.  Friends and neighbors gathered around and had lots of good eats!

Check out these sweet little sisters:)

Chad and Chad were busy at the fryers getting our food prepared.

There is a little standing joke at the cabin....These potato heads have made the rounds and showed up in many different places, unexpectedly- of course!  This is what I found in my vehicle when I woke the next morning.

Eli is hiding behind him to put Mr. Potato Head into another special spot!

This is Adi's special cake...I love making the cakes myself- (with some wonderful help:))   Her cupcakes had bird nests and eggs on top!  Eli's cupcakes had little bugs on them.

Started the rubber duckies in the punch bowl at Eli's 1st birthday, and now I do that every year.  I love that there are so many choices of rubber duckies out there.  This year I had the 'bug' duckies in the punch bowl.  Then, of course, all the kids get to take one home for their bathtub!

The kids are getting a little older now, so I thought I should have a fun activity planned for them...(maybe it's the teacher coming out in me!)  I had a bug jar made up for each of them equipped with a flashlight and magnifying glass so they could fill it with rocks and moss and go on a 'bug hunt'!

All ready to go!

Eliott with his Godmother- Auntie Lori.
Eliott's bouquet of balloons.  Love living in a small town.  I talked to the lady that owns the floral shop, and told her what I was looking for.  She special ordered balloons that were perfect for the themes.

Birthday girl:)

Being really patient waiting for directions.

Filling the bug jars with rocks and moss.

Ready for the bug hunt!

Friend, Belle, is ready to go!

Searching for bugs.

I laugh every time I see this picture!

Looking like a little scientist!

Little family shot with our (almost) 2 and 4 year olds.

Friends and Family gathered around to watch them open their gifts.

Adi with cousin, "Baby Libia"!  Poor Alivia gets lots of love from Adi!

Some rain clouds moved in from across the lake, but it was short lived.  Enough, though, for us to move the party into the shed.  Then out again when the weather was nice- just in time to blow out some candles!

What a great friend to help!

The kids all grabbed a spoon, and everyone dug in!

Godfather, Chad gave Alivia her first taste of frosting!

More love for the baby.

Adi with Auntie Lori.

To continue on with tradition, after the festivities the adults all get involved in an intense game of volleyball.  What a wonderful celebration for two wonderful little kids.  They loved every minute of it, as did we.  The planning, the prep, and bringing it all together.  The smiles and excitement on their faces was priceless.  It wouldn't have gone as well without all of the wonderful family and friends we had to help us along the way.  We feel blessed- our beautiful children, wonderful friends, and wonderful family who came together and joined in celebrating another great year!  Thanks to everyone who came and helped in any way!  

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