Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sweet Cousins

Adi doesn't get to see her cousin Ally a lot.  There are lots of miles between us.  But, when they are together they spend some good, quality time with each other.  Lots of stories, a little baking, and lots of jumping on beds and laughing!  Ally was up for a day and we planned for the girls to do a little baking together while the guys spent the day in the woods.
Of course, Adi is crawling right through the middle of the mess!  She had us all laughing and smiling.

She wanted to do everything on her own.  Just like a big girl would!

I love these chubby little fingers.....even when they are into EVERYTHING:)

Ally dressed her in an apron and a chef hat that she had given to her.  I don't really think the apron helped to keep her clean!

Even though it's hard to watch them grow so fast, I love being able to do fun things like this with my big girl.

We are happy for some quality cousin time:)

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