Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eliott Robert- 4 Years Old!

We obviously do the big celebrations for the kids for their birthdays with lots, and lots, and lots of (wonderful) family and friends...but we also try to do something really special with our own little family on their actual birthday.  This year Eli's birthday was on a Tuesday, and we didn't really want to go anywhere with busy work schedules, so we decided to have a special dinner at home.  He got to choose the menu, him and Mommy went to the grocery store together, and he got to be the helper in the kitchen while Daddy kept Sister occupied!  He also had a birthday celebration at daycare, and made this cute little crown that he then wore for the rest of the evening:)

Chef Eliott chose to make home-made pizzas.  What a perfect choice!  Eli love, loves to cut stuff- so he was very excited that he was able to help cut the onions and peppers with his own knife and cutting board!

And he did such a great job!

Then it was time to roll out the dough...of course he had his fingers all over this!

Two little pizzas just perfect for him and Bean.

So proud to be 4, and have some alone time with Mommy!

Adi was excited to have her own little pizza.  Just the perfect size for her!

We figured by this time, there was enough sugar to go with celebrating being 4, so the candles went right into the pizza.  The only down-side to this is that every time we have pizza now, they both think they need candles to blow out!

Ready to make a wish:)

Little Bean is always trying to help out her Bubbie....She thought he needed a little help with his candles:)
Great job, Little Man!  What a blessing you have been for the past 4 years.  Mommy and Daddy couldn't imagine life without you.  You are a wonderful, amazing, loving little boy.  We wish you another wonderful year filled with blessings and happiness!

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