Friday, October 21, 2011

Story Time!

Our little ones LOVE books.  The love of books is something that we were adamant to instill in our children.  We understand the importance of reading, and have made it a point to read to our children every day.
And it makes my heart very happy to walk into a room and discover them reading stories to themselves, and I get even more excited when we discover them reading to each other!

I have to laugh at little Bean.  She is a wild, crazy, daring, bouncing-off-the-walls little girl....But, she can also sit for MANY quite minutes reading stories.  She LOVES books!

Eliott is at the age now where he is very good at re-telling stories.  He loves to sit and 'read' to Adi.  And, you know what- a lot of the time he does a great job telling her what really is happening on each page.  This must come from years of experience- 4 years to be exact!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Great work Jill! I know how hard it is keeping this up! Love the kids reading to each other. Kendall and Jack do that everyday too. Hope to see you guys next weekend..


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