Monday, December 5, 2011

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

One of my very favorite Christmas memories as a child was when Santa would appear at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Christmas Eve.  We would all dress in our Holiday best, attend a beautiful Christmas Eve mass, and gather in Grandma's yummy smelling kitchen.  As children, we just wanted to hurry and eat, because we knew who would be coming when the dishes were cleaned up.  My cousins and I would try to press our noses on the windows, and more than once, we were SURE that we had seen Rudolph's red nose as Santa landed his sleigh in Grandpa's field so the reindeer could munch on corn while he visited with all 13 of us!
This is a tradition that I am SO excited that my children can also experience....and they're lucky- they not only get to see Santa once each Christmas season, but TWICE!  My cousin's birthday falls on St. Nick day, so St. Nick/Santa makes an appearance at her birthday party each year, also!

I was near tears as I watched their innocent little faces stare at his big, white beard, hold his special jingle bells, and answer each question they were asked. - She didn't do any of the talking, she left that to big brother!

This makes the whole Christmas/Santa experience REALLY come to life for them.

I'm sure that when we sang Jingle Bells around our tree we sang just a little louder....after all- they got to hold the REAL things:)

Adi and Grandma-Great having a little snack break while waiting for a turn with Santa.

After Santa had a chance to visit with each child, he gathered them all around to sing a song for Rudolph.

They did a pretty good job!

And Santa always brings a little treat in his bright red bag!

A new Christmas story!

And Christmas jammies!

'Twas The Night Before Christmas- classic!  And you wouldn't believe the beautiful illustrations.


Hugs for Santa- "I not gared of Santa- he nice a me"- Adi


Check out these beautiful girls all begging Santa to bring them something nice:)

Christmas card material right here!

Mommy and Daddy were running out to our annual neighborhood Christmas party after Santa left.  Adi had her sweet little lips all pursed for a kiss before we left!

I can only imagine what she's thinking....That's a lot to take in for a little 2 year old.  We keep bombarding her with new Holiday traditions....and it's oh, so fun!


Little For A Little While said...

Have I told you your kids are cute? Cause they are pretty darn adorable. Love your traditions. Love your kids. Love you!

Jill said...

Thank you, sweet friend. Your kind words always make me happy....Great way to start out the day. Love and Hugs to you!
p.s- your Christmas cards are gorgeous- just as I suspected:)

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