Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We have never seen the Holidazzle parade before, but decided that it would be a great time to check it out.  Our friends, Steph and Brandon invited us along, and we jumped at the opportunity to join them.  Great experience- yes.  Glad we went- yes.  Will we go again- Not for a couple of years.  And when we do, we will make sure to get there much sooner than we did this year.....A seat on the street would have been perfect!
Even after not seeing our friends for a couple of months, it took the kids no time at all to be off and running and playing together like crazy.  I was happy to see this...they remember one another, and they like one another, and they like being together- which is a great thing,  because so do us parents:)

Adi was all bundled up ready and waiting for the parade to start.  I hauled a couple of big blankets with us, and didn't even need them.  It was a beautiful night to watch the parade.

Steph was so sweet to go and get the kids each a cute little fiber-optic snowman wand....Hey- sometimes you just need to do those little things to make the experience that much more fun:)

Can you tell Eli was enjoying himself!?

And there it comes.  Would have been that much cooler had 25 people not walked in front of us, and then stopped.  But, hey, we saw the tops of the floats, and Christmas lights are always fun to watch.

Everyone made a mad dash out to the center of the street when this float was approaching.

The big, jolly, red man himself!!!

Eli was a little shocked.  I think his face says it all!

And Adi was clapping her hands, and so excited to see Santa Clause!

We decided to take the sky way back, and had my sister snap a quick picture of all of us before we parted ways.  Notice that our cheeks and noses aren't even red!  It was so nice out!
She was supposed to be IN this stroller!

Snack on the fireplace at Steph and Brandon's.

Eli was all about the wii.

Adi was very, very busy with Kendall.  All these fun girl toys- she couldn't get enough!  At one point she came up looking like this and said, "Look at me, I'm going to school!"

Kendall and Eli were trying out their dance moves, and stayed up way too late- but that's what you do when you have sleep-overs with friends!

We tried to settle these 3 down with a movie.  We heard lots of giggles, and laughter, and then some tears.  These little monkeys were jumping on the bed....

And then cooling with ice-packs.
One for Kendall too.   

  We got up the next morning.  Enjoyed a yummy breakfast together, and then headed to Steph's parents house to watch the Vikings game.  It was a busy weekend spent with friends we love.  Doesn't get much better than that.  The kids are troopers-they love every minute of playing with their friends...And they were a little sad to leave.  The sadness went away soon though, because we weren't on the road long when we looked back and saw this in the carseats!

Now it's time to get busy with all those last-minute to-do's!  Enjoy your Christmas week, friends!


Little For A Little While said...

aww, so fun! Love Christmas time! Cant wait to see you!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

oh what fun! your kids will remember this for so long. i love looking back at all our Christmas-time fun and traditions! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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