Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beaded Silverware

I have loved making these cute sets of beaded silverware, and have loved even more the reaction I've gotten from people when I've given them.  The secret is- they are SO easy to make!  I like to throw them in at Christmas time as a little something extra.  Of course, every time I try new colors with the beads, I have to convince myself that I do not need another set! 

I don't have a great step-by-step tutorial, but I can quickly tell you the basics of how to put them together.  Let me know if you have any other questions!
I use beading wire- found in the craft section.

Any glass beads will do.  It's fun to get all different colors, and then mix and match different combos.

Plain, cheap silverware.  You will start at the base of the silverware with about a 4 inch piece of wire.  Face that up the back of the silverware pointing to the end of the handle.  Then wrap the wire around a few times to get it started.  This will slip around a bit until you start wrapping beads around it.  Lace on whatever beads you would like, wrap the wire, and work your way to the end.  Once you get to the end you will need to tuck the extra wire (I like to use about 3-4 inches) under the wrapped wire on the back.  Sorry I don't have pictures to show this!!

You will end up with beautiful, beaded silverware!

It's much more fun to serve a dish with a colorful, beaded utensil!


carissa at lowercase letters said...

oh my gorgeous! these are beautiful. love this idea.

Little For A Little While said...

LOVE these! You and I should have a craft night together....imagine all the goodies we could create!

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