Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tree Hunt

We've always gotten a real tree, for as far back as I can remember.  Since we've been married, we've continued this tradition, and it's even more fun to find our real tree with the little ones!  We usually go to a Christmas tree farm in the area to find our tree, but this year my Grandpa had some power line work that needed to be done on his property, and there were a handful of Christmas trees underneath just begging to be saved.  We lucked out!  Not only one tree for in the house, but we put one up outside, also!
Eliott was ready to go...he was all about trudging through the tall grass, over the river,  over lumps and bumps in the ground to find the perfect tree!

Adi- well she just tagged along:)

What a great adventure!  It adds to the story to say that we had to jump across the river to find our tree!

And there they were, on up ahead.  Lots of beautiful pines.  Short needled, and sparse- just exactly the way I like them!

There it is!!!! That one is coming home with us for sure!

Eli and Daddy had to chop it down.

I love the little clusters of pine cones that are hidden all over in them!

We decided that there were so many nice that were just going to be chopped down anyways, that we might as well take 2.  We have an extra tree stand, and we have extra lights, and what a perfect place to hang the bird feeders that we made!

Daddy carried one back for us, and Papa Neal is up ahead dragging the 2nd back through the grass, over the river, and to the truck.

This picture kinda reminds me of the story "We're Going On A Bear Hunt"!  Through the tall, tall grass:)

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We were so excited to finally have our tree, so excited to do some decorating, and so excited to start wrapping presents!        We just LOVE Christmas time!!!


Little For A Little While said...

Those trees look huge, cant wait to see them all decorated! Love your hat too, so stylish! We should plan that Albertville date before the calendar fills up! xoxo

carissa at lowercase letters said...

adi's hat looks so cute! i remember growing up we always had a trip to the tree farm as a tradition. then i moved to the south and there just aren't good farms around here. it is a major bummer! so i lived vicariously through you just now. ; )

Angela said...

Love it!! Fun times with the kiddos! I can't believe how fast they are growing :( Your blog rocks!

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