Saturday, December 17, 2011

...this and that...

We finally had a quite evening at home.  Those seem to be pretty rare around here, and much appreciated when they come!  I spent the night doing a little crafting, cleaning, and organizing, and it felt good! 
I made this menu board a while back, but haven't been the best about keeping it updated.  I finally updated all my recipes, and got myself re-organized with it.  This makes our lives much easier
I've seen a few of these floating around Pinterest lately.  Mine is a little easier version.  I had this bulletin board on the trash pile a while back, and thankfully Chad pulled it out.  It was perfect for this board.  I painted the frame, covered it in scrapbook paper, made the pockets out of cardstock, ran a ribbon across and secured it with tacks, and painted some butterfly clips to hang our meals from.  Keeps us organized, and looks great on our wall!

Have I said before how much I love my beautiful friend, Amy??  She is the sweetest thing...always sending us little packages in the mail.  The other day she mailed these fun little 3-D snowmen glasses to the kids....How fun!  Chad and I had just as much fun with them as the kids did! 

That friend Amy I was talking about....Sent us a package of these cute little clips, also.  And, shared with me how to make them- we have a couple to go with each outfit now!  All little girls on our Christmas list will be getting some of these this year:)

We are heading out for a fun family weekend later today.  Meeting up with some great friends for a little dinner, heading downtown for the Holidazzle, spending the night with them, and watching the Vikings tomorrow. 
I love our 'Cabin Friends', and we REALLY enjoy spending time with them.  Our kids are all the same ages, and they get along just great.  We miss them during the winter, and try to jump at opportunities to hang out with them.  Their doors are always open to welcome us, and they always have room for us to stay. 
My camera battery is charged, our bags are packed, and we are ready to make a few more Holiday Memories:)


carissa at lowercase letters said...

i think that's the same amy that sent me hairclips. she's so talented and makes SUCH gorgeous things!!!

your menu board is so impressive. i need one, too!

Little For A Little While said...

yep, that's me! Just making everyone's day by sending them hairclips, lol! I need to make that menu perfect and waaay simpler than the ones i've seen on pinterest. And look at you making all those fancy hair clips! So proud of you girlie. And we really need to get that shopping date on the calendar! Email me :)

angie said...

alright, i'm hoping these comments get sent to your inbox, otherwise this will be REALLY buried! i need details about those hairclips. i am OBSESSED with clips for d's hair, and i'm feeling crafty. (haha) please share, if you can! :)

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