Tuesday, December 13, 2011

St. Nick Night on the Town

We sure love living in a small town, and here is another reason why...St. Nick night each year.  The area banks and businesses offer all kinds of fun for young families to come out and enjoy.  A fun reason to dress up in red and head out-and-about!!

Adi loved Santa Clause the night we saw him, and couldn't give him enough hugs.  I was a little surprise with her reaction to Rudolph- she actually Screamed when she got too close!

But was very content to sit on Mrs. Claus's lap:)

Eli "didn't really want to" sit on her lap, so he just thought he could stand next to her instead.

These are my kind of treat bags....big, juicy, red apples!

Adi had to make sure there were no chocolates left before she would settle for the apple.

Our Hardware store downtown always has real reindeer that the kids can pet.  They jumped up into Santa's sleigh, and though that was a pretty special way to ride.

Eli was full of questions about the 'real' reindeer.  Another one of those moments where I wonder how it all comes together in his mind.  We've seen Santa, Mrs. Claus, real reindeer, our elf named Clyde....it's no wonder he is full of questions:) 

Happy Christmas Season, Friends!

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Little For A Little While said...

that reindeer is awesome! And Eli is such a little stud in his hat and vest!

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